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Bureau County Jail

The Bureau County Jail, located at 800 Ace Road, Princeton, Illinois, opened in 2023 and has 115 beds. It holds people awaiting trial or sentenced to serve less than one year. The jail does not house juveniles.

Inmates are not just confined within the walls but are encouraged to embark on a journey of self-improvement through the H.O.P.E. program. H.O.P.E., an acronym for Helping Others by Providing Education, is a beacon of hope for those seeking a second chance. The jail works with community partners to provide chemical dependency programs, employment preparation, life skills and well-being, G.E.D. preparation, and religious services.

Studies have shown that such jail education programs not only transform the lives of the incarcerated but also contribute to the community by significantly reducing recidivism and fostering increased post-release employment.

At the Bureau County Jail, we understand the importance of maintaining connections with loved ones, especially during challenging times. That’s why we’ve made visitation as convenient as possible. All visits are conducted via video, allowing friends and family to connect with inmates in 15-minute increments. Visits are available from any internet-capable device between the hours of 08:00 am to 8:00 pm by purchasing data from CIDNET at We welcome visitors on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. To ensure a smooth visit, remember to bring a valid state-issued ID; the only exception is for children.

Mail is distributed to the inmates Monday through Friday. Mail should be addressed to 800 Ace Road, Princeton, IL 61356, using the inmate’s complete name and identification number. Each page of the letter should contain the inmate’s name. The envelope will be destroyed after being opened. Do not include any stamps, stickers, or labels with the letter. Any colored paper, drawings, or coloring will be photocopied and delivered to the inmate. The originals will be destroyed. No musical greeting cards will be accepted. Mail received for an inmate no longer in our custody will be returned to sender.

Newspapers and periodicals can be mailed to an inmate from the publisher. They cannot be of a sexual nature and must not contain images of drugs or drug use, gang references, or be stapled. A text message system is also in place. Data is deducted for each text. Pictures can be sent through the system also.

Money can be deposited in inmate accounts at: or A kiosk is located in the jail lobby to add funds to inmate accounts. The jail staff cannot accept any form of check or money. All funds must be deposited on the kiosk or through the websites provided. Do not send money or any form of check through the mail.

Paperback book donations are accepted but must come from a vendor or publisher. If you want a specific inmate to have access to the book donation first, it must be addressed to that specific inmate. Otherwise, the book donation will be placed into the regular rotation of library items. Inmates are allowed to keep one religious paperback book, a journal, and recovery books as their own.