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E911 BuEComm

BuEComm is an intergovernmental agency responsible for call taking and/or dispatching all 9-1-1 to the Bureau County Sheriff’s Department, 2 full-time police departments, 1 full-time fire department, 11 part-time police departments, 8 volunteer ambulance/rescue services, and 19 volunteer fire departments from a new, state-of-the-art primary emergency communications center and two secondary public service answering points.

911 Director is responsible for assigning all new address’s located outside of the city, township or village jurisdictions. If you need a new address or address verification please contact the E911 Director, Diana Stiles.

The Bureau County Emergency Telephone System Board was established May 9, 1995. The board is comprised of 15 members, that must include a representative of the BC Sheriff’s office, SPV Police Chief, one member of a police department in BC, two members of a Fire Department in BC, two members of Ambulance Services in BC, one County Board Member and one citizen at-large from the county. We have tried to ensure that the members on our board are representatives from all of the communities that make up our 9-1-1 geographical areas.