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Board Rules and Procedures

PUBLIC COMMENT:            

At each regularly scheduled meeting that is open to the public, members of the public will be permitted to address the Board on matters that appear on the agenda of a regularly scheduled meeting, or the subject of a Special Meeting, subject to the following constraints:

1.     Public comment is limited to three to five ­­(3-5) minutes or as determined by the Chairperson. 

2.     Individuals wanting to speak, must complete a public comment request form and submit it to the County Clerk by 4:00pm on Thursday, prior to the board meeting date. Individuals must include their name, city/town, and the topic on which they wish to speak. 

3.     The Chairperson will impose a time limit for public comment on any single issue and may limit or preclude comments which are repetitive, redundant, cumulative, or irrelevant to the business of the Board. 

Prohibited Statements:  Persons addressing the County Board shall not be permitted to make statements or remarks unrelated to the business of the Board.  Persons addressing the Board shall refrain from statements, remarks, or conduct that is uncivil, vulgar, profane, or otherwise disruptive to the conducting of the Board’s business.  Any person making such prohibited statements or remarks or engaging in such conduct shall be requested to leave the meeting and may be barred by the Chairperson from further audience before the County Board.